Cavezzi Attilio M.D.

*  Born on 7th May 1961 in S.Benedetto del Tronto, graduated in Medicine at Bologna     University in 1988, specialized in Vascular Surgery in 1993 at Modena University

*   Author of several publications concerning vascular diseases published in different
      Italian and international magazines and journals


*  Co-author (with S.Michelini) of the book "Il Flebolinfedema: dalla diagnosi alla terapia",  Auxilia Ed., 1997 Bologna (actually at the 3rd edition) and of the relative English version "Phlebolymphoedema : from diagnosis to therapy" P.R.Communications Ed., Bologna 1998

*  Co-author of the book “Foam Sclerotherapy: state of the art”, Ed. Phlebologique Francaises, 2001

*  Co-author (together with Prof. H. Partsch) of the cd rom “Living veins and Lymphatics”, released by Viavital Verlag in 2003

*  Co-author of the book “Praktische Sklerotherapie” Ed. K.Hubner, Viavital Verlag Ed., 2005-2007

*  Director of the Post-Graduate School of Angiology and Phlebology and of the Course of manual lymphatic drainage and integrated therapy of lymphoedema in CPMA of VALET, Bologna

*  Member of a few Italian and international scientific societies such as: European Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Italian Society of Angiology and Vascular Pathology, Italian College of Phlebology, Italian Society of Lymphangiology, International Society of Lymphology, European Group of Lymphology, American College of Phlebology (, French and Polish (honorary member) Society of Phlebology,  German Society of Phlebology (Corresponding member), Australasian College of Phlebology (honorary member), Lymphoedema Association of Australia, British Lymphology  Society (


*  Member of the Editorial Committee of a few Italian magazines related to vascular
     diseases, such as "Acta Phlebologica”

*  Reviewer for the “European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery”, “Phlebology”

*  Winner for two years, together with A.Frullini, of the platinum award (2000) and the Bronze award (2001) of the American College of Phlebology

*  Webmaster of the website “phlebolymphology platform” ( ), one of the  most referenced website worldwide in phlebology-lymphology


 yearbook Marquis (USA) “Who’s Who in medicine” since 2004 to date


Where Dr. Cavezzi works:
Poliambulatrio Eurocenter Venalinfa, Viale dello Sport 14, p.2 - 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto Tel: 0039 3701163042
- Clinica Stella Maris, S.Benedetto del Tronto, Vascular Unit, (tel.: +39-0735-582525, e-mail: )
- Day-surgery MULTIMED, Bologna (tel.: +39-051-320862) -
- Don Orione Institute, Pescara (tel: +39-085-4310570)
- G.Lanciarini Hospital, Sassocorvaro (PU)  (tel: +39-0722-760254)
- Forum Salute & Benessere, Studio Medico Chirurgico Polispecialistico srl, Via San Giovanni Scafa, 7 - 63074 S. Benedetto del Tronto (tel. +39 0735 566302 fax +39  0735 566303)

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